Since its beginning, WZW & Partners has devoted all of its youthful energy and all of its ample resources toward the needs of the causes of our clients. Our sole purpose is to identify and remove roadblocks that prevent clients from pursuing opportunities in the Chinese market.

In order to extend and enhance WZW & Partners’ dedication to client service, we seek the finest lawyers in China and provide them with the most suitable environment practicing law.

We need lawyers with talent, goodwill, high motivation, and unassailable integrity to pull together in a common effort to deliver value-adding services to our clients.

We believe that at WZW & Partners you will find a home where you can develop a satisfying and rewarding legal career.

For more information, Please contact Mr. Qin at:
1 Fuxing Zhong Lu, 1208, Shanghai, China
Tel: (021) 6391-9290
Email: haiming.qin@wzwlaw.com