Corporate and Transactional matters
● Legal services regarding Incorporation and Corporate Registration;
● Negotiating/ Drafting/ Reviewing the Commercial Contracts;
● Bankruptcy & Restructuring;
● Being the Perennial Legal Adviser of the company;

Mergers & Acquisitions
● Due diligence;
● Negotiating/ Drafting M&A related agreements;
● Tax advice for integration costs;

● Providing advice on antitrust issues to both multinational corporations and state-owned enterprises;

Foods, medicines, medical and cosmetics devices
● Distribution permit;
● MOH/SFDA Regulatory Compliance;
● Advising on health and product liability issues;
● Providing advice on product safety, product recall and crisis management;

Intellectual property
● IP litigation;
● China IP Portfolio Management;
● Strategic IP Counseling;
● Transfer and licensing of IP rights;

China Taxation & Tax Planning
● Advising on tax planning for both companies and individuals;
● Assistance in the negotiation of the taxation of contracts or commercial presence with the local tax authorities;
● Negotiation of preferential tax and customs status;
● Pretrial negotiations with tax authorities;

Labor & Employment
● Draft and review employment-related contracts including but not limited to: Independent Contract, Service Provider Contract, Training Agreements and Non-disclosure Agreement, etc;
● Preparing employee manuals, and drafting internal rules of the company;
● Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration as well as Litigation services regarding labor disputes;

Legal translation
● Translations of legal documents (English, French, Japanese,Chinese, and German).